Workin' Mind Ogima DNA-VP


Gender: Male

Colour: Black Bi

Tail: Naturally long 

Born on: August 12, 2018

Weight: 20kg

Height: 53cm

Eyes: Brown

Bred by: Nora Weber

Registration: ASCA/FCI 



Elbow: 0

Teeth: Scissor bite

OCD and Patellae: Clear

Yearly Eye check: Clear (+/+) Till July 2021

CEA/CH: Clear (+/+)

prcdPRA: Clear (+/+)

DM (SOD1): Clear (+/+)

CMR1: Clear (+/+)

MDR1: Clear (+/+)

HSF4: Clear (+/+)

NCL6: Clear (+/+)

IGS3: Clear (+/+)

EIC: Clear (+/+)

Hiplaxity1: Clear (+/+)

Hiplaxity 2: Clear (+/+)

Brachyuri: Clear (+/+)

Canine Malignant Hypertherm: Clear (+/+)

VonWillebrands Disease Type1: Clear (+/+)


Daily Life

Super loving & caring. Would even prepare your coffee if he could.


Obedience Training

Very focused, his food drive has it’s own license.


Agility Training

Getting there, loves to go mid Slalom. With attitude. 


Herding Training

Improving on that instinct department, that sheep wool tastes so good! 

So Mom and Dad told me totally different stories, mom said they dated at first, then fell in-love, dad was “fast” then a few dog years later there I was. 

Dad said something about swiping right, one night, condom broke. I love you son but he repeated the word “accident” a lot for some reason. 

Biology stuff, don’t know much about, I’m a literate dog. I anyway growl at dad just in-case. 

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