Workin' Mind Ogima DNA-VP


Gender: Male

Colour: Black Bi

Tail: Naturally long 

Born on: August 12, 2018

Weight: 20kg

Height: 53cm

Eyes: Brown

Bred by: Nora Weber

Registration: ASCA/FCI 



Elbow: 0

Teeth: Scissor bite

OCD and Patellae: Clear

Yearly Eye check: Clear (+/+) Till July 2021

CEA/CH: Clear (+/+)

prcdPRA: Clear (+/+)

DM (SOD1): Clear (+/+)

CMR1: Clear (+/+)

MDR1: Clear (+/+)

HSF4: Clear (+/+)

NCL6: Clear (+/+)

IGS3: Clear (+/+)

EIC: Clear (+/+)

Hiplaxity1: Clear (+/+)

Hiplaxity 2: Clear (+/+)

Brachyuri: Clear (+/+)

Canine Malignant Hypertherm: Clear (+/+)

VonWillebrands Disease Type1: Clear (+/+)


Daily Life

He’s loving AF, caring and protective when needed. You may think like yeah every Aussie is the same but nope. 5 is overly special in this case.

So mom n dad told me totally different stories, mom said they fell in love, laughed , ran and played then a few dog years later I was there coming out of mama, sliding on a rainbow with my brothers n sisters.

Dad said something about a thread and a needle then I was suddenly there with a few more puppies he didn’t plan for.

I donno man it’s confusing stop asking!

anyway here are links to their pages