Lucky Runners A Sweet Raspberry


Gender: Male

Color: Blue Merle with Copper and White Trim 

Tail: Naturally long

Born on: October 22, 2020

Weight: still gaining

Height: still growing (hopefully)

Eyes: Brown

Bred by:  Christian Prein



HD: too young

Elbow: too young

Teeth: yep, has theeth

OCD and Patellae: too young

Yearly Eye check: Puppy check clear

CEA/CH: +/+ (by parentage)

prcdPRA: +/+ (by parentage)

DM (SOD1): +/+ (by parentage)

CMR1: +/+ (by parentage)

MDR1: +/+ (by parentage)

HSF4: +/+ (by parentage)

NCL6:+/+ (by parentage)

IGS3: +/+ (by parentage)

EIC: +/+ (by parentage)


Hiplaxity 2

Brachyuri: +/+ (by parentage)

Canine Malignant Hypertherm: +/+ (by parentage)

VonWillebrands Disease Type1: +/+ (by parentage)